progression of a painting


90×120 cm

acrylics on canvas

I worked on this painting from 4pm yesterday afternoon until 4 last night, 12 hours straight with just little breaks for eating, and of course time for sitting, watching, feeling, and listening to the next impulse. I love working this way, with no plan in mind other than wanting to do a figure in a semi abstract way.

I spent a lot of time figuring out how to create texture. It is not easy to see in a photo, but I tried taking some pictures, closeups of details.

There is a lot of negative painting involved in this painting, a technique that is becoming more and more prominent in my work.

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2 thoughts on “progression of a painting

  1. I like seeing the progression of this painting, and I love how it seemed to get under your skin and not let you go, pressing you on for all those hours of work that sound so rewarding and not just for producing a good painting.

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